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April 18th
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"I’m a woman and I’m not offended by this, clearly it isn’t sexist!"

wow I didn’t realise you were the singular spokesperson for 3.5 billion people of different ages, races, religions, backgrounds, sexual orientations, social classes, and cultures, I’m so sorry

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April 18th
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April 18th
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April 18th
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April 17th
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all i wanna do is *gunshot* *gunshot* *cash register noise* and overthrow the capitalist hegemony bringing about a glorious communist utopia

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April 17th
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April 17th
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Oscar Jespers

Oscar Jespers is regarded as one of the most important modernist sculptors in Belgium. His oeuvre reached a creative high point in the 1920’s especially. Jespers worked modernist influences of international artists such as Brancusi and Zadkine into his own personal image language.

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April 16th
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Kasia Struss closing Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2014

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April 16th
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Angela Lindvall for Jil Sander S/S 1998 photographed by David Sims

Angela Lindvall for Jil Sander S/S 1998 photographed by David Sims

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April 16th
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